Personal styling
How it works
  • Consultation (online/offline)
    Budget and concept approval. We determine the tasks of the wardrobe, how you would like to look and what goals you want to achieve. We agree on the budget of the capsule, the number of items, style, brands, color concept.
  • Creating a wardrobe capsule
    I create a capsule and approve it with you. If something needs to be changed, I edit it.
  • Making a shopping list
    I make a shopping list with links and prices for each item from the capsule
  • Shopping
    We set a date and buy things that you like on the shopping list. I pre-check the availability of the necessary items and sizes and reserve the necessary items.
  • Сreating ready-made outfits
    After shopping, I make all possible outfit options in presentation format.
What you get
A new wardrobe that meets your needs
A new digitized wardrobe organized by categories. You can download it into the app, which will allow you to have access to your wardrobe at any time.
Presentation with ready-made outfits
You receive ready-made outfits that suit your taste and goals

Understanding of how to match different pieces in your wardrobe to create a series

of versatile, stylish looks

Shopping list
Shopping list with many options for each item, new interesting brands within your budget
Effective 3-hour shopping
with a stylist
Comfortable, relaxing shopping without stress and loss of time Shopping with a stylist
The cost of the service
Seasonal wardrobe 930 €
Entire wardrobe 1700 €
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